Global collapse stopped now, what you can do

“Collapse of our civilizations and the extinction of much of the natural world is on the horizon”, Sir David Attenborough voicing the conclusion of eminent scientists.

Global collapse is caused by humanity’s ever increasing relentless destruction of nature – real reality – from which we, humans, all our products and all life are exclusively made.

To stop global collapse, to sustain and to hold warming to below 2˚C, which all nations have agreed to do, we must limit extraction of rapidly depleted natural resources and climate changing emissions caused by our consumptions.

The limits come from global science authorities, the International Resource Panel and the International Panel on Climate Change: (1) limit of 7 tonnes of resource extractions per person by 2050 for sustainable development and (2) 900 billion (Gt) of CO2 from energy and industry globally to hold the warming below 2˚C (67% probability, accounting for earth feedback systems, immediate and fast reduction of non CO2 forcings, no overshoot, no large quantities of negative emissions).

The cuts required for sustainable development and to hold the warming below 2 C are based on international and intergenerational equity: equal rights to 1 planet and 1 atmosphere. (1) International: an equal 7 tonnes per person extractions by 2050 and an equal per person division of the remaining 900 GtCO2 for all time. (2) Intergenerational: A constant yearly reduction of current extractions and emissions from consumption, starting now, increasing with inaction, so that national and thereby global limits will not be exceeded.