COP25, Climate Action Hub, 7 December 2019, 12 noon

WOODSTOCK – “Whoopee we’re all gonna die”, the SCIENCE to stop it

A half-million got to Woodstock, 3 million tried to, billions have seen the film. Showing clips from his landmark movie, Oscar-winning director and scientist Michael Wadleigh will review the 50 year movement to stop destruction of nature – “Woopee we’re all gonna die” – and the unprecedented science action required today to get “Back to the Garden”, to actually realize the UN Objectives of sustainable development including holding global warming to 1.5°C / 2°C and stop imminent social-economic collapse.

Contact: Michael Wadleigh, Birgit van Munster, +44 7538 416 407,  

To stop collapse, cut consumption by national responsibility 

‘Cut global CO2 7.6% per year’ ensures social-economic collapse


It is as if millions demonstrating around the world since Woodstock and the first Earth Day 50 years ago – and all UN environment conferences of the last half-century including this Climate Conference – never happened. There has been NO meaningful action to stop relentlessly rising destruction of nature – “we’re all gonna die”:

·Global natural resource extractions have nearly quadrupled to 97 billion tonnes increasing 2.5% per year; the global warming effect has more than doubled, greenhouse emissions are now 56 billion tonnes CO2equivalent per year increasing 1.3% per year.

·Most astonishing the scientific evidence is that the next 35 years of natural resource extractions and fossil fuel emissions will equal the last 300,000 years, the entire time of our H. sapiens species – and it won’t stop there – on these trends social-economic collapse is inevitable.


·To realize the UN Objectives of sustainable development including holding global warming to 1.5°C / 2°C the solution to get “Back to the Garden” is 197 nation agreement to reduce natural resource consumption and greenhouse gas emissions to the science limits now by law by national per capita responsibility. 

For example Sweden should cut natural resource consumption 4%, cut CO2emissions 6% for 2°C, 21% for 1.5°C per year now by law. In stunning contrast Tanzania can increase consumption 5%, increase CO23% for 2°C, 1% for 1.5°C per year.

The solution is NOT “cut global CO27.6% per year” – this does not cut resource consumption and is an unworkable one-size-cut fits all 197 nations with 1.5°C over-shoot and billions of tonnes of negative emissions which science concludes may not be possible.

To get “back to the garden” by means of science, download all 197 nation’s science for the required international agreement below, for more see